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An animated movie theater ad by Stellarvisions announced the site launch. Reinforcing the theme of creativity and energy, a flash animation opens the site. The loft apartments, art studios and commercial space are presented separately, and the location of each is shown visually. A business directory of tenants provides an insider's view to the many creative businesses tucked away in the historic mill buildings.

Teres Holdings, LLC is a boutique real estate development firm that develops vibrant and exciting urban properties that represent the confluence of urban architecture, people's life style and preferences, and the larger community context. Stellarvisions was engaged to create an easy to navigate web presence that is self-serve. Interested prospective tenants can easily view an apartment floorplan of their interest, see it's context within the building and download a sample lease.

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Penn Museum) was in the process of an ambitious re-structuring of its website to align with a new focus on the museum as a public institution. It needed to grab the interest of a typical undergraduate, not just scholars and enthusiasts.

Stellarvisions developed the design framework and guidelines for new site and provided consultation around user experience and site architecture.

The site needed to serve both internal and external audiences.

For the public the site:


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