An iPhone Oggl pic of my desk in the afternoon. It has my favorite little poison dart frog on the Mac Mini. A nice moment in the afternoon sun. It's wonderful to capture a little still life around the studio. 

An iPhone Oggl pic of my desk before packing it up. Some lovely objects including a letterpress card by Slowprint. A handmade art book and tins of some fav objects.


We had often talked about the crank generator radios used in World War II and why didn't we still use devices like that. There are crank radios used in remote areas and now we have found this device. Devices like this should be in every person's Disaster Kit.

Take a look at the product page here >

from the website:

From another angle.

So we were were searching around for some new bluetooth headsets. Our new phone system uses bluetooth. Cool and a pain at the same time. But that's another post.

It reminds me of a flask with something warm inside for when the cold winds blow. Or maybe a cigarette/cigar case -- something very personal. The kind of gift you give to someone you are very fond of, something to inscribe.

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