We've released the newest communication piece for Charter High School for Architecture + Design (*CHAD). A printed newsletter that will be re-expressed on the web and on social networks. It contains shortened versions of stories posted to the school website and broadcast in social media .

A tabloid sized, single-sheet with only one fold. This broadsheet style publication is suitable for use as a poster.

We've just released a new profile piece for *CHAD (Charter High School for Architecture + Design). It will be used for school recruitment emphasizing the hands on nature and a place where makers are fostered. This is the first in a series of communications pieces focused on prospective students who enjoy creating.

New recruitment marketing for our client *CHAD, aka Charter High School for Architecture + Design. The campaign includes a school profile and a landing page. Reminding Philadelphia that *CHAD  is a four year, tuition-free public school. Students with the help of their parents can participate in the admissions lottery online.

Spent today with Damini a first time author. This is us organizing the selected images for each chapter of the book. Photo editing is incredibly time consuming. Helping clients understand how to use process and systems is an important part of being a good designer. The process isn't a secret — it's something to be shared.

Working on a new book design with many eccentricities. 

The decision making in designing books is creating structure based on information elements. The reader is then aware of a kind of information based on size, position and visual style. We've taken a couple snapshots of two of the more sexy elements, part and chapter openers.

We're looking forward to showing more of the first design round.

While we continue to work on the communication plan and brand audit there are immediate needs. Events take place and contributors need to be thanked. New students must be welcomed. On this table you can see the program we designed for the Champagne Breakfast Gala. The program design begins to address numerous findings in our discovery/reseach process. This printed piece tells the stories of chad students and maked design projects visable.

We look forward to posting a case study in our project section of

From 1966 to 1989, Gastrotypographicalassemblage was on display in the staff dining room at CBS Network headquarters in the legendary Black Rock building in Manhattan. 

Sad news. One of the planet's greatest designers Massimo Vignelli is very ill and is spending his last days at home with family.

A new Apple continues.
His influence on Apple shouldn't be underestimated.

Greg Christie is listed as an inventor on nearly 100 Apple patents. On Tuesday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Mr. Christie a patent for a way to unlock a phone on a touch-screen display. He has 31 more applications pending with the patent office.

Apple makes a deal with NPR for News on their streaming service. The sounds like a good deal for both parties.


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