The tools to design for people. Available for the first time in decades. 3 booklets, 9 selectors, 60,000 data bits. Printed in the USA.

Two of our favorite things. We love paper airplanes; making them with a Lego machine almost as much.

We like making solstice greetings that require some doing.This is what our holiday card was like last year. It required cutting, binding, and threading. Then installation. It was fun and inspiring. We made several strings for ourselves. Our clients sent us photos of their assembled project. What do we do this year?

We've been working on the design and production of a 300+ page book for artist/healer Damini Celebre. This is her first book.

Available November 2014
8.5 x 11 inch trim
300 pages, full color

This is an unused ad produced by Chiat-Day in 1983 the fall I think. It features brilliant Macintosh artist Susan Kare, who designed the Mac's fonts and icons. An exciting new medium.

Gleaning some behaviors with the help of google analytics today. Getting ready to report the results of the first phase website launch. 

New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual
Designed by Unimark International
New York 1970
Full Manual Archive online >

Meticulous design from the 1970's still guides millions of people through surface and subway transportation in NYC. Appreciating design specifications.

It's always fabulous to see such serious work and a glimpse at history. Systems, this is the stuff that excites us. 

"Unlike Keats, who said that knowing about the rainbow shatters its beauty, I feel that the knowledge about an object can only enrich your feelings for the object itself." - Charles Eames

An interesting read.
Design constraints provide the possibility to be extremely creative. This was a challenging brief. It resulted in NeRD.

At first look the Little Printer seemed too cute, silly. After a bit more investigation that impression changed.

There is something almost analog about this little printer. It's a low-tech mash up. A funny little box that stands up on legs that appear to be made from a pair of disassembled sunglasses. The face-like cutout is a viewer of advancing images and text. When it has completed its task one of a number of cartoon faces is rendered and welcomes you to print something more.


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