Olympic Pictograms, why?


Animated appraisal? I think not. This is a filler piece that The New York Times has listed under it's sports section. I imagine it's there to sprinkle a little design item into the Olympic coverage.

You can watch the video with the sound off since there isn't much value added listening to Steve Heller's voice over. I would call it a scrapbook. Little snips of Olympic Pictograms past with pathetic attempts at animation which don't add anything to the story. I'm sure with just a bit more effort something more informative and satisfying could have been done. Adding some labels and a timeline with dates and cities would have been a survey. This piece was a meaningless.

I'm not really sure why the Olympic committee has the pictograms redesigned for each Olympics. Seems the smarter path would be to have a fixed system. Then the visual language and cultural expressions of the country and city would embrace the information system and create it's own layer of identity.

I imagine it's about money in the name of creative freedom.

For the record favorite Olympic identity : Mexico City

For the record favorite Olympic pictograms : Beijing 2008 and Lillehammer 1994

I think that Los Angeles may win for my most disliked. Well, then there was Atlanta.

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