nutrition label redesign

nutrition label design

Good idea poor execution.

Anyone who has used the current label design will find the new label confusing. Everything feels out of balance. Listing a percentage number ahead of the Daily Values is awkward. Changing the alignment back to the original order would be easier to understand. We expect to toal numbers by decimal point in a right hand column. The number of calories is visually overwhelming. The label should read more like a sentence. One serving is 230 calories it contains the following values of nutrients toward daily requirements.


from the FDA website:

Public Comment Sought

FDA is dividing the proposed Nutrition Facts label changes into two proposed rules, one that would update the nutrition information based on nutrition science and the label design to help highlight important information. The second covers the changes to serving size requirements and labeling for certain package sizes.

Both are published in the Federal Register for a 90-day comment period; to read them and comment, visit FDA's official docket at
FDA proposes that the food industry be given two years to comply after publication of any final rules governing the Nutrition Facts label.

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