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I've been a bit obsessed with technology and modern culture recently. Maybe immersed in it is more accurate. This morning I had my first real paper cup and a string communication moment in a technological space. Twitter is like a shout down a long hallway. Today I heard this call from far away. earthquake. It was like listening in the old CB [citizen band radio] days and catching something of interest in the chatter. Finding the signal through the noise.

I was watching all the tweets come in. Folks talking about their houses shaking, calling their parents, brothers, sisters. Checking in from all geographic locations. It's an immersion into the collective. It is really an absence of oneness. There is a feeling of being just a small part of the universe.

Then when the chatter had moved on to other subjects and the most recent rise of chatter called a halt to everything - the system had been overwhelmed - I had the chance to stop, step back and look at the beauty of this interface with those known and unknown. The extension of my social sphere. I could look and see the beauty of the message as designed and displayed in the flatness of my screen. In my social browser, Flock.

It's been an extraordinary day.

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