Denise Scott Brown and the sexist profession of architects


Denise Scott Brown. The co-founder of Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates (now VSBA) talks to ARCHITECT about a petition to put her name on the 1991 Pritzer Architecture Prize, about sexism in architecture, and about her career in design.


You wrote “Room at the Top” in the 1970s, yet it wasn’t published until the late 1980s. What inspired you to write it? And then to hold back on its publication?

A sweet design : PopUp Pinhole


What a fun project on Kickstarter!

You just have to admire the attention to detail and craft of this pinhole project. Back it if you like — but enjoy the video either way.

Hipstamatic working

Hipstamatic pic of workstations

Bought some new lenses for my Hipstamatic this week. (They had a sale) And this is a shot looking toward my workstation. Love the darkness and the way the brick looks. We love our office.

Using my spork with a knife

spork and knife

Just wanted to capture my spork in action. 

Forgot my chopsticks but I had my handy red spork in my bag. Good design is a good lunch.

Green Lane Project: protected bicycle lanes encourage ridership


Take a look at smart design at work. Designing and creating protected bicycle lanes in our cities is a huge advantage for residents and visitors. Creating protected lanes enables riders of all ages and abilities to navigate by bicycle. They also help in reducing vehicular traffic, encourage fitness, improve air quality, and safety for pedestrians. Watch the video too. Let's get on this Philadelphia!

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