Upcoming : CHAD Phase 1 launch

old chad, static site.
new chad, content managed site

Getting ready to launch the first phase of the new Charter High School for Architecture + Design website. The previous website was static html with limited ability to add content or links. It was being updated using Dreamweaver by one staff person. Now we will enable a workflow with numerous content editors. This first effort is much like a brochure. Lots of new features planned.

Assembly line time 2014

assembly new year cards

The essential parts of our New Year greeting.

Missed the solstice.

Thought we would do something fun that would require assembly.

Opening the door to a new year.


Working sketch for our new year greeting.

The process moves forward. creating patterns and color combinations.

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Desktop today

desktop capture of wavefield

Rocking my desktop.

Occupying an eleven-acre site that was a gravel pit until Ms. Lin reclaimed it for the work, the ambitious Storm King Wavefield comprises seven rows—each over 300 feet long—of carefully scaled, undulating hills that give the appearance of ocean waves. The fouracre work culminates a series of three wavefields by Ms. Lin. — ArtDaily

Design unseen.

comparison of reader thickness

Most description of design focuses on the physical manifestation, of objects. But design and its intent are almost always invisible. 

Desktop today

desktop capture of compass in iOS7

I like a clean desktop.

Here's my latest.

This is a capture from the Compass App in iOS7. It's amazingly rendered and really easy to use. The graphic and the interaction are intuitive.

It's a new way to look at creating Apps with Apple's software and hardware features.

FF Chartwell and the power of OpenType


A font is a program after all. Why shouldn't it do more than sit around looking pretty? A wonderful look at a new font called FF Chartwell. The amazing powers of OpenType.

An interesting tool disguised as a font — by FontFont. A user can draw charts that are flexible and scalable directly in a layout app. Just imagine when web-fonts become available.

You can buy individual fonts or the whole pack. Nice.