First twitter, now there is square.



Simply, Square is a company that will let you make credit or debit card transactions from a smartphone.

While meandering around the web we made this little discovery, Square. Square is a new company who has a founder from another interesting company, twitter.

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Another social networking tool - tumblr. You can find our culture-driven scrapbook on Tumblr. Follow it for some tasty tidbits. culture : technology : design

The decline of empires: a visualization


It's always good to look at information in a different way. This is a nifty experiment in animated data. Nice presentation. Wish the loss of colonies didn't happens so quickly . It's very hard to see who use to own what. Still a nice job. Look at things differently next time you get stuck.

The SX-70 explained by the Eames Office


Loved my SX-70. Finding this video on the web actually made me a bit sad.

This camera created a paradym shift in photography. Instant and high quality the SX-70 was a joy to use. This film made by the Eames Office to explain the technology and uses for the camera. It is a wonderful little film. It is inspiring from a product and design view.

Enjoy a technology of the past that set the bar for the future.

nook takes on kindle



OK. Now we're talking.

I would buy this device. I know it only does books - a one trick pony. But it let's you lend your books to others and it doesn't look like a Texas Instruments calculator. This device looks like BN hired some product designers and some interface designers, and a marketing crew that knows how to do point-of-purchase.

Anticipation : the new Apple Tablet


The buzz about an Apple tablet has been constant for some time. The pre-emptive strike recently by Microsoft - announcing its upcoming tablet called Courier has only created more buzz. Who will have he killer device?

Well Apple of course.

Microsoft's secret tablet, really?

Gizmodo created a post today that pro ports video of a new Microsoft tablet device.
Do we see Microsoft having to compete and maybe even innovate?
If we are to believe the video and images that Gizmodo has posted this is a hinged tablet that uses a stylist and touchscreen combined.
It is intriguing.