Imagining iOS7


This could certainly happen at WWDC. It would be welcome too. All of us would embrace some change to the now overburdened UI. Apple surely won't just slip a new visual layer on iOS7. There will be lots of developer goodies we're sure. Looking forward to the Keynote with Tim Cook. Wonder if Jony Ive will get a spot.

Apple needs to get busy


Looking forward to hearing from Tim Cook at D11.

But more interested in seeing what happens at WWDC coming up.

Apple's apps are old and tied to the desktop. We need to see visual change that is aligned with the brand. But moreso we need to see Apple Apps that delight us. Apples edge has always been around ease of use and delight. The dellight has gone out of Apple Software. Apple software is combersome. It takes to many interactions to accomplish tasks. It just feels old.

Let's see some energy Apple. Crank up the volume. Turn up the bass. Let's feel the beat.

Crashing can make sense.


Captured on a walk this week.

Sometimes the rules of typography are broken and it's a disaster. Other times something exciting or interesting happens that design can celebrate. This intentional letter crashing makes is easy to read and shows a disregard for authority perfect for a counter-culture clothing shop. Fashion is successful when it breaks the rules.

Outstanding Brands

skateboard brands


Each culture has it's own design attributes.

Here's a quick capture of a shop window. Skate culture.


A conversation with Siri.

A conversation with Siri.

I'm always setting alarms and reminders with the help of Siri. In the old days, back in the begining when she was launched it often felt like she really didn't speak English or it certainly wasn't her first language. In her recent updates however she has become quite conversational and as always differential and amusing. Here's a little conversation we had the other night when I asked her to wake me at 8:30.

I had to save this one.

False Signals

nautical signal flags

The flags read: AUBX RNQTHGBQKJ

A | I have a diver down; keep well clear at slow speed.

U | You are running into danger.

B | I am taking in, discharging, or carrying dangerous cargo.

X | Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals.

N | None.

Q | Ship meets health regs; request clearance into port.

T | Keep clear; engaged in trawling.

H | I have a pilot on board.

G | I require a pilot.

B | I am taking in, discharging, or carrying dangerous cargo.

O | Man overboard.