Look, iOS7

iOS7 folder view

Good news with new looks at iOS7.

The betas continue to come to developers and refinements make their way into the interface. So much better than our first look at WWDC2013. This screen capture shows you what the apps contained in a folder look like now. A wonderful improvement. We're not so enamored with the color palette that's sorta like a cosmetic ad or pharmaceutical packaging. It seems that's the trend right now and unfortuately Apple seems afraid to buck that trend.

Mechanical Pencil of Choice

Sharp mechanical pencil

Wired has a post suggesting some mechanical pencils as tools of choice along with pros and cons for each. We don't find any of them interesting. Seems like they were interested in showing some pencils that are good-looking. Our mechanical pencil of choice is the P205/207/209. It's lead mechanism is sweet and the barrel may not be sexy but it has a great feel in the hand. Is it your fav. If not point us to something you think is outstanding that we should try.

The Volkswagen Microbus 1957 - 2013

Volkswagen Microbus

Sad news. The iconic vehicle of countless adventures, the Volkswagen Microbus Is officially dead. No more surfboards traveling attached to the roof. No more adventures at music festivals. No more camping by your favorite lake in the likes of that flower power little van. It was the longest manufactured car model in history, last produced in Brazil. The classic design couldn't pass modern safety standards being initiated there so it's done.

PHL MADE another lame logo.

We applaud the effort. But more typography gone bad.
Running the words together it reads PHLMAD,
The italic is misguided.

Vizualizing fragmentation, Android

android then
android now

It doesn't matter if you are an Android fanboy or not this graphic is very interesting. The continuing fragmentation of Android is pretty clear in comparing these two images. The graphics have interaction if you want to know more check here.

Some people say more choice is better. Too much choice just becomes confusing.


Cartographic Typography


It seems like forever that I have loved the maps from National Geographic. Long after I kept the magazines I would hold on to the tip in maps or map pages. The typography had a hand drawn quality even into the phototype. A bit of that quality is seems lost with the more modern quality of the map drawing.

We love Dot simplicity

Dots 1
Dots 2
Dots 3
Dots 4
dots 5

Our newest addiction at Stellarvisions. We can't stop playing this simple game. Terrific introduction that has humor. It will make you smile. It's free download it and tell us if you can stop playing.



Download it >