Massimo Vignelli and NYC Transit Standards

nyc transit authority

New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual
Designed by Unimark International
New York 1970
Full Manual Archive online >

Meticulous design from the 1970's still guides millions of people through surface and subway transportation in NYC. Appreciating design specifications.

It's always fabulous to see such serious work and a glimpse at history. Systems, this is the stuff that excites us. 

My desk last week

my desk, card by slowprint, letterpress, tins of objects, art book

An iPhone Oggl pic of my desk before packing it up. Some lovely objects including a letterpress card by Slowprint. A handmade art book and tins of some fav objects.


Surprise, Creative Cloud extended outage.


There are good and legitamite reasons not to have certain applications and processes tied to the cloud. Especially when they don't have to be. We never subscribed to Creative Cloud and never will.

Deconstruction by Charles Eames


"Unlike Keats, who said that knowing about the rainbow shatters its beauty, I feel that the knowledge about an object can only enrich your feelings for the object itself." - Charles Eames

Massimo Vignelli design giant.


Sad news. One of the planet's greatest designers Massimo Vignelli is very ill and is spending his last days at home with family.