Error today


Best message so far this week.

Uncaught exception thrown in shutdown function.

Mail needs a killer app


We hate every mail app we try using. They are always too simple or too complicated — none are just right.

Google mail is way too ugly and complex. The only thing that makes it any good is the search function, DUH. Apple's mail which should be easy peasy, super simple might be if you only have one e-mail account. It's search is pathetic. Maybe it's all super pathetic because we use Google mail services with Apple Mail? 

There has to be something better. Yep we hate webmail the most.

What are you using?

Wearable technology


Wearable technology. Hmm. How many people do you see walking down the street with Bluetooth headsets and wristwatches?

Google cuts losses, sells Motorola


"Motorola is an established and respected brand…" It was a respected brand. It failed to keep it's promise as an innovative player, made strange choices, and allowed itself to be bought by Google.

Google thought it could thwart Apple with purchased patents, that didn't work. Google lost a ton of money on Motorola and now they are selling it off to Lenovo. You know Lenovo, they bought the IBM Thinkpad. Oh right and their devices run Windows.

Ugly Olympic Sweaters by Ralph Lauren

US Olympic wear

Why do I feel that these uniforms would be in a Saturday Night Live sketch. The more people you gather dressed like this the worse it gets. It's the ugly sweater movement. It's embarrassing don't you think? 

Upcoming : CHAD Phase 1 launch

old chad, static site.
new chad, content managed site

Getting ready to launch the first phase of the new Charter High School for Architecture + Design website. The previous website was static html with limited ability to add content or links. It was being updated using Dreamweaver by one staff person. Now we will enable a workflow with numerous content editors. This first effort is much like a brochure. Lots of new features planned.