Samsung and too darn big.

Samsung and the "One-Handed Operation" feature

All we could do was laugh when we discovered on of the Samsung Galaxy S5's amazing features the "One-Handed Operation". Emphasis in Pogues review by us.

Greg Christie leaving Apple


A new Apple continues.
His influence on Apple shouldn't be underestimated.

Greg Christie is listed as an inventor on nearly 100 Apple patents. On Tuesday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Mr. Christie a patent for a way to unlock a phone on a touch-screen display. He has 31 more applications pending with the patent office.

NPR and iTunes Radio


Apple makes a deal with NPR for News on their streaming service. The sounds like a good deal for both parties.

nutrition label redesign

nutrition label design

Good idea poor execution.

Anyone who has used the current label design will find the new label confusing. Everything feels out of balance. Listing a percentage number ahead of the Daily Values is awkward. Changing the alignment back to the original order would be easier to understand. We expect to toal numbers by decimal point in a right hand column. The number of calories is visually overwhelming. The label should read more like a sentence. One serving is 230 calories it contains the following values of nutrients toward daily requirements.


Flickr gets some EXIF awesomeness.

flickr's new camera icons

Was wandering around our @Flickr account today and discoered they had added new pictogram/icon driven EXIF data. This image is a sample of camera line-art illustrations being used. It's great to see Yahoo/Flickr get it's groove back. This is a small thing but a fun one. We're starting to undersatnd why Flickr decided to make the information pane black. Liking the new beta image view — just not so sure about the photstream yet.

Google Glass while driving? Crazy


Google gets to work on manipulating lawmakers again. How can this not be dangerous? We let cell phones into the automobile and people find it difficult to drive and talk even on handsfree. We know cellphone use causes accidents. We don't need a study to know this is crazy. Let's deal with this issue now not after the fact.