Humanscale rises again

Humanscale graphic

The tools to design for people. Available for the first time in decades. 3 booklets, 9 selectors, 60,000 data bits. Printed in the USA.

This goes this way, that goes that way

operations panel heavy machinery

Found on the walk home for the studio. An amazingly amusing set of pictoral directions for how to use rented heavy machinery. Looks like a mechanical pinball game. Do you think you could determine what to turn, pull, or push?

Should we replace neon PSFS with LED


"The Loews hotel chain has tinkered for 15 years to keep the neon PSFS sign aglow on Philadelphia's skyline, but officials said Tuesday they believe the time has come to do away with the old and bring in the new. Arguing that the 83-year-old sign has become too costly and burdensome to maintain Loews representatives asked the Philadelphia Historical Commission for permission to replace the neon tubes and transformers of the signature red sign with LED lights.

A new newsletter for *CHAD

*CHAD newsletter, *CHADvocate, Spring 2015

We've released the newest communication piece for Charter High School for Architecture + Design (*CHAD). A printed newsletter that will be re-expressed on the web and on social networks. It contains shortened versions of stories posted to the school website and broadcast in social media .

A tabloid sized, single-sheet with only one fold. This broadsheet style publication is suitable for use as a poster.

Secret codes are everywhere.

streets, looking down at markings

On my walk a confusing discovery. Determining direction? A secret code? Maybe underneath is a spaghetti junction? Secret codes are everywhere. They are designed to obscure information for those that are not in-the-know.